How do I increase my local ranking on Google?

The secret to succeeding in any online business is through local ranking highly in local ranking on Google. In order for your business to appear in local results, it needs to have a Google Map listing. This is very crucial especially for HVAC, plumbing, remodeling, or construction businesses because the listing on Google Maps is a strategic marketing tool that is free! Some of the benefits of registering on Google Maps include:

  • It helps new customers discover your business
  • Generates more traffic to your business website
  • Helps to convert more leads into sales
  • Builds the credibility of your business

Do you want to build the credibility, visibility, and authority of your HVAC, construction, plumbing, or remodeling company brand? Keep reading to find out how to get your Google Maps listing to rank highly in search results and attract your ideal customers.

Why your business needs to achieve local ranking on Google Maps

Research indicates that 67 % of consumers prefer to use Google Maps when searching for services near them. Most potential customers rarely look past the first page of the Google search results. If you want your business to have a shot at gaining several new clients, then it needs to appear in the first few results of the first page. The surest way for your company website to appear in the first page is to optimize the Google Map listing of the business.

Another research also revealed that 84 % of the time, potential clients come across a business through discovery by use of keyword search, rather than direct search using the name of the business. This is a clear indication that your business listing should be optimized with keywords for it to rank highly on Google Maps.

Additionally, the top 3 listings on Google Maps always appear at the top of relevant search results on Google. Since 46 % of all searches on Google are local, appearing in the top 3 Google Map listings at the top of search results will strongly increase the visibility of your business.

How to increase local ranking on Google

As we stated earlier, the first step to ensure your business appears in local search results is by creating a Google Map listing. Without the listing, your business will flop in searches, decreasing its chances of attracting new customers and converting more leads into sales. Below are several tips on how to increase local ranking:

Claim the listing of your business on Google Maps

When you first create a  Google Map listing, the information that you provide consists of the name, location, and category of the business. By claiming the listing of your HVAC, construction, plumbing, or remodeling business, you will add more information about your business on the listing. The more information your business has on Google Maps, the higher its ranking is in search results. In order for you to successfully claim the business on Google Maps, you must first create a Google my Business Account for your business first. 

Optimize the listing

If you want your business to rank highly in local search results, you need to optimize the information you add on the Google Maps listings. The steps below show how you can easily optimize your listing for high rankings:

Maintain consistency with the name and address of your business

Google ranks businesses that it deems trustworthy highly. One of the major proofs that Google will acknowledge that your business is real and trustworthy is the consistent name and address of your business across the internet. This means that all other platforms of your online business such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Yelp, and the official website should all have an identical name and address.

Add a local phone number to the listing

Do not use toll free numbers such as 800 and 877 on your Google Map listing because such numbers are categorized as spam by Google. Instead, use a local phone number that has the area code of the location of your business. This will notify interested customers that your business is local, thereby building credibility.

Update your business hours

Make certain that you include the hours of operation for your business on the Google Map listing. Potential clients could search for your products or services at any time of day or night, and the information you provide will signal to Google whether your business is active or inactive.

Updated hours are also a major proof to Google that your business is trustworthy, thereby encouraging the search engine to rank your business highly. Besides, you will save potential clients the stress of making a trip to your business, only to find it closed.

Describe your business

Your business description will inform interested visitors from the get-go what your business is about, and whether your products or services can cater to their needs. Ensure that the tone of the description is in alignment with the personality of your business brand.

 We highly recommend that you include niche-specific keywords in your business listing. You will not only rank for direct searches (searches that contain your business name), but for discoverable searches (searches that contain keywords in the description of your business listing) too.

Add photos to the listing to improve local ranking on Google

Another secret to improving your ranking on Google is by adding photos to your business listing. The photos benefit your listing in the following three ways:

  • The photos signal to Google that your listing is credible and active, thereby increasing your chances of ranking highly in search results
  • The photo recognition technology of Google is advancing, whereby Google is now showing images in local searches
  • The SEO rule of thumb applies whenever you use photos. The rule indicates that Google loves what customers love, and majority of customers love photos.

Earn Google reviews

The more positive reviews your business listing gets; the higher Google will rank it in search results. The minute you finish creating the Google Maps business listing, your business is automatically opened up to reviews. We recommend that you proactively ask for reviews from your loyal customers as this will boost your local SEO performance.

Here is another great tip for using positive reviews to rank on Google; ensure that you respond to all the reviews that your business receives. It will help you mitigate any negative damaging reviews, as well as interact with your clients. Plus, your response will signal to Google that your business is active and credible.

The time to increase the local ranking of your business on Google is here. Here at HVAC SEO Services, we offer professional SEO writing services that will help you create an optimized Google Map listing for your business. Call us today and begin the journey to a successful business.

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