Refund policy

At HVAC SEO Services Inc. aka the agency work on the basis of satisfaction. We truly subscribe to the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

For that reason, we offer 100% refunds on all our services. However, in the interest of performance, we ma enlist services, tools, or products that may be considered consumables. Such costs will be deducted from the payments before a refund is issued.

Before taking any task, we always send a terms of service. Under the terms of service, we have an itemized list of deliverables. Only the itemized list sent to you will be considered as the basis of refund request.

We do not guarantee performance since most of the services we offer are not entirely in our control. We operate on the basis of good, standard, and functional model for every service. We do not guarantee rankings, but rather guarantee high quality marketing campaigns for your business including content planning, creation, optimization, auditing, and such services or their derivatives.

If you are unhappy with a our services, kindly send us an email through our support and tag it “QA” or “Quality Assurance”. One of the quality assurance department personnel will handle your case from there onward.

Generally, if a campaign is tagged “QA”, it will be audited in full. If errors are found to have occurred before our engagement, we will not be liable.

Since we offer audit services for campaigns, our liability will only extend to the extent to which we have been engaged. We run highly complex marketing campaigns that sometimes do not have a clear distinctive metrics of engagement. In that case, we expect mutual understanding on the matter at hand.

It is our hope that you will be satisfied with our services. If not, we do our utmost to ensure that you get your refund in a timely manner.