HVAC Consulting- why your business needs it

HVAC consulting

HVAC Consulting is done by HVAC consultants. They connect HVAC service providers to their customers. In addition to this, they recommend products and possible solutions to HVAC problems. Consulting can range from a series of HVAC services a company provides. It can be about heaters, air conditioners, ventilation, and refrigeration equipment for residential and commercial buildings. A HVAC consultant has all information which helps the service provider accomplish particular HVAC activities or installations successfully. They give practical advice about repairs, upgrade, installations and HVAC tools. Products and services a HVAC consultant may concentrate on include:

  • new HVAC installation
  • existing HVAC maintenance
  • furnace fuel conversions 
  • humidifier installation
  • natural gas fireplace installation
  • duct work
  • ventilation equipment installation
  • heating and ventilation system components

Purpose of HVAC consulting

HVAC consulting is done by experts in the industry. It is always good to have all practical knowledge possible before embarking on an installation. Customers also need to understand what suits them best. They need to know how a particular HVAC system they want to install will benefit them.

A consultant creates a connection between the company and the customer. The customer meets a real person from the company. They listen to their concerns and help them to design the best approach. This kind of service helps to build customer loyalty and your brand name.

As an HVAC consultant, you know which proposals are a go. If a customer is impressed by your proposal you schedule to deliver the service. If there are issues coming up, you deal with them promptly to get a mistake free proposal which will guide the installation process.

The HVAC industry is demanding. The consultant creates order between the customer and HVAC service provider even when they are the service provider themselves. Scheduled consultation meetings with different customers, gives the process orderly stages. These are easier to follow up on and tick off once a stage is completed:

  1. consultation
  2. writing a proposal
  3. evaluating proposal with customer
  4. getting supplies
  5. installation, repairing, or replacement.

Qualities of a good HVAC consultant

You can be a HVAC provider and consultant as well because you have a deep understanding of how everything functions. Customers will have confidence in whatever you have to say if you explain it well and give real life examples from your previous customers. Some good qualities of a HVAC consultant are:

Attentive to customers

The customers may ask the most basic questions because everything seems new to them. You should answer them without displaying a condescending attitude. Always be ready to help in any way you can. Every customer needs to feel you are listening to them.

They require different approaches depending on the services they need. Different products require different tactics as well. You need to learn deeply to answer each customer accordingly.

Detailed HVAC consulting

If you can address all the issues and concerns a customer has then you are a good HVAC consultant. All customers need is a reliable professional who can clarify their uncertainties. They want recommendations from you about the products they should install.

They Also need to hear about cons and pros of products so they make informed choices. You can help by giving all this information to them.

Good organizational skills

Showcasing an organized thought process, office, or communication system is important in building the confidence customers have in you. Create a reliable system of booking appointments. Always arrive early on set meetings with customers. Listen carefully before you respond to avoid rumbling during such meetings.

High level of experience in HVAC consulting

If you are just starting out, do not worry about not having years of experience. Having a smooth transition from just being a HVAC service provider to offering HVAC consulting services as well is important.

You can limit your consulting services to the services you offer frequently in the beginning. With each different service you offer, you will have more information to offer to customers. Continue adding to the services you can advise customers on as you keep providing them.

Consistency in follow ups and further communication

After you create a proposal of how to handle a customer’s installation, replacement, or repairs. Keep following up with them through emails to find out if anything has changed. Inquire from them whether they are okay with all suggestions and when the actual service will be provided. Answer any questions customers have after reading the proposal.


Customers approach HVAC consultants because they believe they can rely on the information they give them. Your daily questions as a person offering HVAC consulting services should be:

  • Am I reliable enough?
  • What can I do to improve it?

Always evaluate yourself to add onto knowledge you may be lacking currently. This will make your work easier and boost your confidence.

Who can become a HVAC consultant?

You do not have to be a HVAC services provider to be a consultant. HVAC sales persons can make great HVAC consulting providers because they understand most products. However, continuously educating yourself on various kinds of HVAC services, or the trends in your location will help you to offer great value to customers. HVAC books are a good source of knowledge about all things related to HVAC.

You can learn the different people who make up your audience. Figure out how to approach each group differently. For example, it may help to know  the HVAC market in New York is made up of people in:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Single-family homes
  • Retail and storage spaces
  • Apartment buildings, dormitories and barracks
  • Manufacturing and industrial buildings
  • Educational buildings
  • Healthcare and public safety buildings

Get started with HVAC consulting today

If you like working with different people, this is a great opportunity to accomplish that dream. Different homeowners or building owners have different characteristics and needs. You get to listen to them and help them live comfortable lives with functional HVAC systems.

If you are drawn to the HVAC service industry but you do not want to do the manual labor, being a HVAC consultant is good for you. You will concentrate on learning all there is to learn about HVAC and the qualities which make you a good HVAC consultant and polish on those skills.

You do not have to be a pro when you are just starting out in HVAC consulting. Have an open mind, a learning spirit, and use your experience so far to offer quality services. You can learn more on the technical side of things as you continue working.  New challenges will always come up but if you aim to make every moment a learning opportunity you will develop into a highly knowledgeable HVAC consultant. Your customers will end up recommending you to others who need HVAC consultant services.

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