Affordable SEO Packages To Try in 2023

Affordable SEO packages are packages that help you implement SEO strategies that you need only, therefore avoiding paying for SEO services that your company does not need. Getting desirable SEO services is practically quality over quantity. You get services you need using a comfortable budget. In addition to saving time and money, you save yourself the effort of using services that don’t align with your marketing needs.


affordable SEO packages
affordable SEO packages


What are affordable SEO packages?

Affordable SEO services are fairly priced collections of SEO services offered by SEO service providers and agencies. For you to purchase affordable SEO services, you have to find an agency that provides the packages at lower prices.

Services you can find in these affordable local SEO packages include:

  •  Optimization for Local SEO, which focuses on local SEO of content, targeting of local customers, and improving Google my business profile listings.
  • Technical SEO that focuses on Making your website mobile friendly, Structuring your website with consistent internal links, having a secure and fast website speed, and Reducing redirects on the website
  • Google analytics, which helps you to understand customer behavior. Reading reports and reviews helps you to see what services customers prefer.
  • E commerce SEO that enables you to optimize services and products, improve the structure of your website and improve your brand recognition.

How much are affordable SEO services?

What is affordable for one company may not be affordable for another. The services of the SEO package you choose should be directly proportional to the size of your website. Set a realistic budget that encompasses your company needs effectively.

Choose a reputable affordable local SEO services provider so that you get value for your money. Average monthly prices for affordable local SEO packages range from approximately $150 up to $20,000 monthly. 

  • Low cost SEO packages: $150-$500
  • Middle Cost SEO packages: $2000 to $5000
  • High Cost SEO packages: $5000-$25000+

Aside from Paying for SEO packages monthly, you can pay per project or hourly. Paying per project means you will gain SEO services when the project begins to when it ends. Go for the hourly rates package for technical SEO services, for example website audits. Long processes like content and link building may require a monthly package until all content and links are built. Affordable SEO packages for such services cost between $40 to $900 hourly.

How do I make affordable SEO packages?

What is a good budget for SEO? As we have mentioned earlier, a great SEO package will cost you $40 per hour at a minimum, and $900 per hour maximum.

In order to provide affordable SEO services, you need to consider the following factors about your business:

  • Is the business local?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What are your customers searching for online?
  • Is your website content built to call visitors to action?
  • Is your business a start up, a small business, a mid –size or established one?

Consider ranking factors to include in your SEO package for your kind of business:

  • An excellent user experience
  • Useful content
  • Authoritative back links
  • Technical SEO- your website should have meta descriptions, H1 tags, optimized page titles, sitemaps and robots.txt file

Important questions to ask yourself include:

  • Will these services help my website meet the Google guidelines for credibility
  • Will they improve the quality of my website?
  • Is this package appropriate for in page and off page SEO?

Ensure your website is secure, fast, mobile user friendly and with quality content for you to make affordable SEO services for that final boost. Follow the White hat SEO guidelines for your affordable SEO package to remain compliant with terms and conditions of search engines.

Since a high percentage of online users start most interactions with searching for something. identify the key phrases and words you want your content to rank for online.

To have an easy time making affordable SEO packages, use the different types of SEO to create them. You can decide to create one for off page SEO and another one for in page SEO. The difference is the former addresses actions outside your website for example, guest posting while the latter deals with optimization of content on your website.

How much should I pay for affordable SEO services?

The average monthly cost for affordable SEO services ranges between $500-$2819. The price is directly proportional to the services a package holds. The more the services included the higher the monthly cost. Conduct a website audit with a professional SEO expert to determine which services your affordable SEO package should contain.

Where can I find affordable SEO services?

In case you are wondering where can I find affordable SEO services for my service business, then we highly recommend that you conduct a lot of research first.  Not all low prices will offer you the services you need. A service provider may have low price rates but only because they deliver ineffective services. Have knowledge of current average prices of SEO services in the market.

Below is a list of tools that you can use to help you spend less on SEO. For technical SEO, we recommend the following:

  • WordPress
  • GT Metrix
  • Page Speed Insights

For content marketing, you can check out these tools:

  • Google Auto Suggest
  • Reddit

However, to avoid using poor online marketing strategies that do more harm than good, find expert SEO providers who are ethical. Visit B2B websites to read reviews on them to be sure of the choice you make.

Does your company need a SEO expert to manage your SEO implementation?  Call us today for our expert opinion and services.