What is PPC campaign tracking? Is it necessary?

If you are using PPC ads, are you tracking your ads costs and the related return on investment?  What about the other tactics that can improve your PPC performance? Let us help you wrap your head around what is PPC campaign tracking.

What is PPC Campaign Tracking?

PPC campaigns are no longer about spending money on ads and waiting to see what results they will yield. As a business owner, you need to be more strategic with your PPC HVAC marketing strategies to avoid wasting money, ads, and opportunities to get conversions.

PPC campaign tracking is the practice of regularly reviewing and adjusting your campaign goals, budget, and ad copy. It also involves monitoring other PPC marketing facets to maximize the return on investment of your PPC campaign.

How Do You Track Your PPC Campaign?

For you to effectively track your PPC campaign, you must know the facets to measure and review. Here is what you should track:

Your Goals

When tracking your goals, you want to establish which strategies are more effective to decide if you can alter the objectives. Your goals could be to increase traffic, conversions, revenue or to raise your brand awareness.

Tracking the goals will help you know which aspect of the campaign you can change to get the desired results. Also, you will establish profitable campaigns and invest more in them.

Your PPC Quality Score

You know the significance of your quality score on your eligibility to auction, bid costs, and ad ranking. A score below 7 will not be allowed into the auction as it falls below Google ads standards.

You may ask why Google would lock out ads that are being paid for anyway. It is their way of ensuring maximum revenue from PPC ads. You see, each click on an ad translates to revenue for Google.

They, therefore, sift ads and only accept those with the highest potential to receive more clicks. So, any ad with a low-quality score is dismissed in favor of high-scoring ads.

 Calculate your ads quality score before placing your bids so that it won’t compromise the success and ROI of your campaign.

Your Budget

Your PPC campaign will succeed if you track your budget and avoid wastage. Monitor the overall bids budget and specific device budgets.

Your Ads Average Position

Track how your ads are ranking on SERPs as this affects their visibility. This will help you to review any low-ranking ads.

Also, track your ad’s position in comparison to other ads so that you can determine why other ads rank higher than yours. Evaluate if your HVAC web design is optimized to support your ads ranking, as a bad URL can mess up your PPC campaign.


Remember Google charges you of each click your ad gets. You have to know the number of clicks to calculate the cost of your ads. This will also help you measure your ads’ ROI.

If the clicks and conversion rates do not correspond, you could be receiving fraudulent clicks from improper keywords. This makes your ads costly without driving traffic to your website, as you may anticipate.

The Conversion Rate

Customers are essential in growing your sales volume and profit margin. Each pay-per-click campaign should drive more customers to your business and increase your sales. Ensure your PPC campaign attracts people to your brand and persuades them to take action with a direct financial benefit.


Check that you are not getting fraudulent clicks due to inappropriate keyword search engine optimization for a heating and cooling website. You should especially be keen on negative keywords as they send the wrong traffic to your site, making you pay for clicks that add no value to your campaign.

 Landing Page Analytics

Your landing page analytics will tell you which components to tweak. This could be the headlines, CTA, ad copy, or images.

 The landing page analytics affect your quality score and ranking.

Optimize them to increase your brand visibility, leads, and sales. Your HVAC marketing services provider will guide you on the necessary data to collect and how to work on your HVAC SEO.

Here is a list of the benefits of tracking your pay-per-click campaign:

  • It helps you make better marketing decisions
  • Important in reducing wastage and increasing your ROI
  • Helpful in improving user experience on your website
  • Provides historical data to inform your future campaigns
  • It is useful in granular targeting for quicker conversions and increased return on investment


PPC tracking is necessary since it helps you evaluate your PPC performance metric against your PPC marketing goals. Tracking increases your PPC campaign’s ROI as you can identify areas that need adjusting to achieve successful campaigns.

At HVAC SEO Services, we provide comprehensive PPC marketing management services that include planning, launching, measuring, monitoring, auditing, tracking, and improving PPC campaigns for Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other PPC channels. Talk to us today!