What is Quality Score For Ads? What can I Do to Improve it?


Do you want to enhance your ads ranking and reduce the cost of your paid ads? Then, you will have to improve your Quality Score. So you are not sure what quality score is and how to improve it? Read on to know more about that.

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is one of the metrics that evaluate the worth of your Google ads. It helps brands to approximate how their ads will rank on search engine results pages. Using the data, they can tweak ads with a low score to improve their ranking on search engine results pages.

Google calculates your Quality score based on the quality of your keywords, landing page, and the advert. Your quality score should tell you the number of clicks the ads might receive, how relevant it is to your target audience, and whether it is likely to bring conversions.

This information is helpful as it will show you beforehand if the ad will rank well and perform as you expect. You can use this feedback to improve the ads and increase their ranking in SERPs.

What Components Contribute to Quality Score?

Google uses the following components to measure your Quality Scores:

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Your CTR is the comparison between online visitors who view your ad and those who click on it. Many people may view your ad, but it indicates they consider it irrelevant if only a few click on it. When your ad has a high expected click-through-rate, it scores highly.


Google looks at the relevance of your keywords to the advert. If you are advertising home improvement services, keywords like “top ten most dangerous road trips” do not match your brand. Having them in your ad earns you a low score.

Long-tail keywords will give you better results, especially if you choose several low-traffic and a few high-traffic long-tail keywords.

High-traffic keywords will cost you more when placing your bids, which may consume significantly into your returns. On the other hand, low-traffic keywords cost less, and they will cumulatively drive more traffic, raising your ROI.

Quality of Landing Page

Your landing page quality has to match the keyword targeted. Google will examine this to determine your quality score. Besides, you will have an easier time measuring the success of your ads if you direct the traffic they direct to a dedicated landing page. Here, you can craft a unique marketing message for them and guide them with a targeted CTA.

Ad Text

The wording of your ad must align with the targeted keywords. If the content is relevant to your target audience, it will earn you a better score.

Marketers believe that of these components, Click-Through-Rate (CTR) contributes the most to your Quality Score. This is because the other components affect your CTR.

Importance of Your Quality Score

Determines Your Eligibility for Ads Auctions

Google is strict on the quality of ads displaying on SERPs. This is because Google makes money from the clicks that your ads receive. To improve their earnings, they only display ads with relevant keywords and a high-quality score.

It Determines Your Ads Ranking

Your quality score will dictate where your ads will appear on SERPs. The more they rank on highly clickable positions, the more traffic, conversions, and revenue they will generate for you.

Dictates Your Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

If your score is low, you will pay a higher bid to have the ads accepted in an auction. Improving your quality score saves you money; you can lower your bid amount, and your ad will still rank in a highly clickable position to earn you more leads.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Quality Score?

Search for Relevant Keywords

If your Quality Score is unimpressive, you can raise it by searching for better, more relevant keywords. Have more long-tail keywords as they perform better than short-tail keywords. A long-tail keyword uses the exact words people are likely to key in to search for a product or service.

Edit Your Ad Text

 Updating your ad text improves its relevance. You may have to optimize the keywords in your text to match your potential audience’s search needs.

Scrutinize Your Landing Pages

Your landing pages should be on point for you to score well. Examine the individual elements of the landing pages and improve them individually. Look at the heading, CTA, page layout, and the quality of videos and images.

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