Technical SEO agency

What is a Technical SEO agency?

A technical SEO agency is a company of experts with knowledge and experience of technical SEO. That being said, technical SEO involves functions aimed to optimize websites and servers. They create and implement technical SEO strategies suitable for your company to rank in search engines.

What services do Technical SEO agencies provide?

There are various technical functions performed on your website to enhance its performance and ranking on search engine result pages including:

Improving the speed of your website

Website visitors do not stay on a web page that takes several seconds to load. Moreover, they will opt to move on to the next service provider in your industry. The bounce rate is inversely proportional to loading speed. The higher the loading speed the lesser the bounce rate.

Technical SEO agencies optimize your images and use the right sizes if they are too huge as well as reducing plugins. Sometimes your website host may cause the slow loading speed and you need to change hosts. Such a major change is better done by experts.

Ensuring your website is mobile friendly

Google algorithm favors mobile browsing because their aim is to provide users with the best experience. As more users currently perform searches using their mobile devices, Google will recommend pages optimized for this. A technical SEO company has the right knowledge to tailor your website to be mobile friendly or to have a function of adjusting pages to fit screen sizes.

If they feel like the solution for your company is to have a second site for mobile, they ensure all the content in your desktop site is accessible on mobile, and still maintain its quality. They will structure and index the site, add meta tags, and ensure it is capable of handling bots sent to read pages on your website from Google. They optimize your site for Google robots txt tester.

Getting rid of site errors

These include broken links, wrong usage of redirects for example using the 301 redirect meant for a permanent redirect to a new page, instead of the 301 redirect to a temporary page. Technical SEO companies also correct all causes of crawl errors from Google for example, pages that are indexed incorrectly.

Auditing your website content

Technical SEO companies perform this service to eliminate content repetition. They eliminate content that is similar to content on another company’s website as well as your own. The technical SEO experts delete content in the right way by using the correct redirects.

How much does technical SEO cost?

The pricing of technical SEO depends on the extent of analytics performed on your site as well as the agency providing the package. The subscription may be monthly or yearly based on the contents of the technical SEO package.

However, the average monthly subscription fee for technical SEO packages may range from $ 99 to $ 999 per month.

How does one choose the right technical SEO agency?

If you need services from a technical SEO firm, the following are tips to ensure you make the right selection. To avoid a build up of many technical errors on your site, you need a competent technical SEO company. Above all you need guiding principles in your decision making stage to hire the right technical SEO expert. These are:

Be objective oriented

Let your objectives for the website guide your choice of a technical SEO agency. The decisions you make today will either improve your company or pull it down. The impacts of whom you choose to put their hands on your company website are long-term.

Find a competent technical SEO agency

The following are the characteristics of a competent technical SEO company to look out for:

  • They are updated about Google’s algorithm including recent changes
  • Ability to map out strategies to fix all the issues affecting your website negatively
  • They implement both basic and advanced technical SEO services, thereby helping your website reach its full potential
  • Proven history of working with big websites if yours is a big website
  • They can provide proof of previous or current websites they have worked on showing improvement after their services

When should one seek the services of technical SEO companies?

The following are instances when you need technical SEO expert services:

When the number of website visitors gradually drops.

You might think you are doing everything right by being consistent, posting blogs, and articles written expertly using keywords that Google recognizes. However, when there is a glitch in the technical SEO side of it, your efforts will bear zero fruits. Your analytics will inform you that it is time to take solid action to fix the problem.

Sometimes it is similarity in your content. If your website has repetitive aspects in the content and pages, it may be difficult to keep topping in search engine results. A technical SEO company can relieve you of the frustration of a stagnant website.

A drastic drop in website traffic that is not gradual

Your website can experience a drop in traffic by the hundreds. A bad robots.txt file among other causes can result in this. To determine the cause of such a drop it is key to consult a technical SEO company.

Technical SEO experts use available tools including Google mobile-friendly testing tool, webpage test, Google analytics, Google page speed insights tool and web developer tool bar to give your website structure a long-term adjustment. They ensure your site is ready for growth in every aspect at all times through optimization.

Therefore, it is important to find a reliable technical SEO agency like ours to work with you. Call us today and let us help you transform your business into a winning brand in the market.