What is Technical SEO? Do I Need It For My HVAC Company?

If you are wondering what is technical SEO and whether you need it, you are about to find out. In this article, we explain what technical SEO is, what it entails, and why you need technical SEO.

What Is Technical SEO?


Technical SEO consists of all the tasks you undertake to optimize your website for search engines. This may include the HVAC website design, making it mobile-friendly, and enhancing web speed. It optimizes your site for search engine crawling and indexing.

Technical SEO focuses on your website architecture to ensure Google can crawl your website unhindered. To understand this better, let us consider how search engines work.

Search engines sift through billions of entries and posts on the internet to determine their value. Search engines gauge the value of your website depending on its readability.

Due to the high volume of posts and entries on the web, search engines have a way of indexing them to rank those they consider valuable to users. This helps users to find what they are searching for in seconds.

Your website’s Technical SEO helps to identify and index it for display on related search results. While technical SEO will not make your website rank high on SERPs, it is the bedrock on which you build your on-page and off-page SEO for HVAC.

What Constitutes Technical SEO?

Site Architecture

This is important as it helps search engines to crawl your site to understand its content. Your website exists among billions of others.  Navigability enhances its ability to crawl and also assists users in finding information on your website.

Imagine the billions of public websites that search engines have to crawl and display search results swiftly. If your HVAC web design is optimized, it will facilitate search engines to read its content, understand the relevance, and index it where it can display it promptly once they detect a search on a related keyword.

Website Speed

If your website loads fast, you will experience a lower bounce-back rate. Google considers this when ranking your website as speed contributes to user experience. Search engines are working hard to enhance the user experience by quickening their search for information on web pages.

Your HVAC marketing services agency will tell you that search engine optimization for an HVAC website, optimizing images and videos, and including an XLM site map are some of the techniques that can help improve your site speed.


50.88% of internet traffic uses mobile devices, especially smartphones. Technical SEO helps your site to be found on mobile device searches. It also ensures the website is configured well so that your content is not distorted when viewed on mobile devices.

Secured Website

With the increase in website hacking incidents, both search engines and users are skeptical about unsecured websites. You must agree that people store and share a lot of sensitive information. Users want to be assured that their data will not be accessed and used for malicious purposes.

Having a secured website enhances your ranking. It ensures the web server’s connection and your browser are secured. If this is compromised, Google sends a warning to users. Purchase SSL certificates to secure your website for your sake and that of your visitors.

Eliminating Dead-Ends

404 is an error code indicating a link leads to nowhere. It can be frustrating to promise a visitor that a site may lead to a meaningful website only for it to return a 404 error code.

The visitors will think you are dishonest and doubt your purpose for having the links on your site. Avoid having dead-end links on your website as it diminishes its value and makes it rank lower.

Hreflang Tags

The use of Hreflang tags is increasing as businesses strive to reach more people. They are used on websites that want to publish information in multiple languages for a wider global audience.

Hreflang tags help the search engine to know the language used to write a web page. This assists the search engine to identify and display the page to searchers looking for content in different languages. Brands are using Hreflang tags as one of HVAC marketing strategies to broaden their exposure and generate more leads.


You need Technical SEO for your website since it helps your website to achieve its full potential.  It is a factor for your search engine ranking, which determines your visibility, exposure, and leads generation.

Once you deal with your technical SEO, you only need to do periodical HVAC SEO audits. However, it is technical, meaning you need an expert to do it.

Our technical SEO team will help your HVAC website load better, be more accessible, crawl, index, and render better, and more importantly deliver a better user experience. Talk to us for all your website technical needs.