Content Marketplace for your business brand

Content creation is one of the biggest drivers of inbound marketing. It is through content that you can attract, convert, and retain prospects and customers. The best place to get access to valuable content for your business brand is a content marketplace.

Content is perhaps one of the most consumed products in the world. In fact, according to HubSpot, there are over 60,000 search queries processed every second of the day on Google. That translates to over 5.5 billion search entries each day.

And what exactly do these search queries entail? You guessed it, content. Whenever people are confronted with a burning issue or are seeking some credible expert advice, they turn to search engines like Google for answers.

Therefore, in order to succeed in inbound marketing and turn your website into an attraction hub for qualified leads, you should practice constant publication of new content. This keeps traffic flowing in your direction on an ongoing basis.

But writing fresh content everyday takes a lot of time and effort. So, where do you turn to for new content? There are many content outlets that you can purchase your content from. While some people get their content from content creation teams, others prefer to acquire theirs directly from content marketplace sites.

Keep reading to find out what these sites are, how they operate, and whether they are any good for your content creation needs.

What is content marketplace?

A content marketplace is a platform that links individuals and companies in need of content to professional content editors or freelancers that can provide that content. This process eliminates content middlemen or agencies and allows you to connect directly with writers and even negotiate for the right price.

Content marketplaces have grown in significance in the recent past because of the demanding nature of marketing content creation. Most people would rather focus on running their businesses while outsourcing the recurring content creation responsibility to a professional.

A content marketplace allows to get quality content at very affordable rates while forging long-term relationships. You can connect, build, and retain a community of trusted writers that you can outsource your content needs to as and when the need arises.

How do content marketplaces work?

Content marketplaces house freelance writers spanning across diverse fields and niches. If you are searching for quality content online, you will decide on your preferred content marketplace site and create an account with them free of charge. Once your registration is successful, you can log on to your client account and begin your hunt for the best writers in your niche.

There are several ways you can place your content request on these sites. You can filter your search for quality writers based on a specific writing skill set and customize your order accordingly. You can also post your project for all the writers to view after which they will submit their articles for your consideration. This gives you the chance to screen their profiles, project portfolios, as well as client reviews. There is also the option of browsing through the article database in the content marketplace site based on your specific keywords and instantly purchase the articles that suits your requirements.

Is a content marketplace worth it?

To guarantee the quality of the content you are purchasing, content marketplaces must make sure the content is original, SEO-friendly, spelling and grammar sound, and has zero instances of plagiarism. Most of the time, content writers are subjected to a brief suitability test before they can compete for orders and publish their articles for sale. In some sites, writers are segregated based on experience through a verification badge earned through suitability tests.

The writers are charged a certain percentage of the article price once an order is successful. As the client, you only pay for the content once you approve it when the process ends. You have the option of requesting a revision from any of the writers you choose but most of the time you would rather do the editing yourself and claim the content as your own. High quality content from experienced writers will always attract a higher payment because of the ranking element.

What are the cons and pros of content marketplaces?

Turning to content marketplaces is good for your content marketing journey. However, there are several downsides to it as well. That’s why where content marketplaces fail to deliver to expected standards, professional content teams step in.

Working with a content team ensures your content is reviewed through many lenses before it is submitted. Additionally, such teams are usually multi-disciplinary ensuring the content is researched and written in every angle possible.


There are advantages of sourcing your content from content marketplaces such as:

  • High quality content creation
  • Strategic content creation
  • Consistent content creation
  • Search engine optimization


On the other hand, working with content marketplaces means working with individual writers which may pose certain limitations as follows:

  • You may keep changing the writers and compromise on quality
  • A writer’s unavailability may interfere with your content marketing schedule
  • A single writer cannot handle many niches
  • Your writer may feel overwhelmed with other projects and affect their delivery integrity
  • The writer may be less interested in forging a long-term business relationship
  • Restrictive terms and conditions on communication with the writers
  • Additional charges may apply for registering as a client on some of the sites

In summary, the benefits of partnering with a professional content team far outweigh those of a content marketplace. A content team is more relationship oriented and can easily make a reliable brand promotion partner. Their consistency in working with you ensures they understand your brand personality and speak the same language as you.

To get started on a profitable relationship with a dedicated content team, reach out to us today.