Buy blog posts and grow your online business

Did you know that you can buy blog posts as a content strategy? These posts create a context within which you engage with your customers and potential clients. They allow you to establish your brand name and website authority online as well.

Can you buy blog posts?

Yes, you can buy ready-made and SEO compliant content online. For most businesses, developing a content strategy, constantly coming up with new content, as well as keeping up with content quality guidelines is proving to be time-consuming and highly energy draining.

For this reason, most businesses have resorted to procuring ready-made content from online sites that sell blog posts. As long as the blog post is industry-relevant and can meet your desired content goals, you should go ahead and buy blog posts online.

Aside from getting already written blogs, buy blog posts which you have customized to fit your content needs. This option allows you to select the style, structure, and length of your desired blog post. Additionally, you can choose to edit or rewrite the blog post yourself should you need to align it to a particular objective.

It is advisable to work with content creators and create fresh content. Frequently asked questions by your customers are the best guide on the informative content they need and some of the topics you should focus on. Customizing your content enables you to use the industry keywords most potential local customers use on the search engine as well. Customizing your content is a good way to match new content with your brand outlook and the rest of the content on your website.

How much should you pay when you buy blog posts?

This may vary from writer to writer or from site to site. It all comes down to the quality you are expecting, the length of the blog, the frequency of blogging, as well as the depth of research required into the technical aspects of the content.

It is crucial to determine well in advance, how much your blog is worth to you before setting out to buy blog articles. A blogger may charge you by the hour, by word count, or by the nature of job undertaken.

On professional freelancing sites like Upwork, a writer’s experience, location, and market conditions determines the hourly rates for their blog posts as follows:

  • Beginners charge from $ 20 per hour
  • Intermediate writers charge from $ 41 per hour
  • Experienced writers charge slightly higher at $ 85 per hour

Where can I buy blog articles?

There are plenty of places to buy blog posts. They all vary based on the client’s needs, budget, content structure, as well as word count. If you are not sure where to begin your shopping, consider the following suggestions:

·         Content writing agencies

In search of a well-researched blog post from an expert? These are the places to look. These agencies are backed by premium writers on a payroll. They are highly trained and qualified to handle all types of content. Their content is always high quality, and free of plagiarism, or grammatical errors. Due diligence is encouraged before committing to any particular agency. That includes price matching against value. Work with content writing agencies to create customized content for your website.

·         Freelancers social media groups

A group of freelance writers may set up a social media platform like Facebook where they are allowed to promote their articles on sale.

They can transact either with each other based on topic specialty or with outsiders who are seeking the services of professional bloggers.

The beauty of such groups is that they combine copywriters, article writers, bloggers, as well as academic writers, making them a one-stop shop for professional content.

·         Private label rights articles

You can also easily buy blog articles from writers that provide private label rights (PLR) services. Once you close the sale, all ownership rights tied to the article are transferred to you fully, allowing you to do with it as you please.

In some cases, you are even allowed to resell the article if it comes with a master reseller right (MRR). The pricing is up to you.

It is highly recommended to rewrite or edit such articles as they are sold to many people who may apply them directly to their blog posts word for word.

·         Freelance websites

Popular freelance websites such as Upwork consolidate many freelance writers under one roof. Once these freelancers sign up, they can begin marketing themselves along with their portfolios.

However, it is not enough to purchase articles and blog posts from such writers. Due diligence is still required. It is always prudent to check for instances of plagiarism, faulty sentence structures, as well as the grammar correctness of the content before publishing the posts.

How do I choose the right blog writing service?

When shopping for blog posts online, do not choose any writer. Remember, your business goals are at stake and you want to work with a blogger who can help you achieve those goals effectively.

Therefore, it is prudent to pause and take a deep breath before rushing into the selection process. Here are some considerations to make.

·         Look for a writing service that attunes to your brand message

Ensure the blog writer understands the tone of your branding message. How well are they acquainted with your current circumstances? How deep does their knowledge about the technical aspects of your brand run?

Your blog writer should be able to write persuasively and if they meet these thresholds, then they just might be the right fit for you.

·         Request their portfolio beforehand

As you undertake due diligence, never skip checking the blogger’s portfolio. You can even compare several portfolios and check for industry relevance, consistency, and quality.

Before making the purchase ensure you have keenly assessed the various offers against your branding needs. A blogging service displaying relevant experience in their sample articles might make the right fit for you.

·         Prioritize value over price

Invest in a writing service that places greater emphasis on the value you derive over the price charged when you buy blog posts. High quality content, even though slightly pricey has the potential of driving more brand awareness than low quality content that comes at a cheaper price.

Despite the budget implications, quality should always come first. Look for professional bloggers who guarantee you that much.

·         Look for a service that cares about brand relationships

In the process of sampling, you might land an ideal writing service with whom to foster a long-term relationship. If a writing service does not care about anything else beyond closing the sale, they might not even afford you the chance to be heard.

On the other hand, a writing service that cares about customer relationships is bound to deliver tailor made content with a high level of consistency always. After spending enough time with your brand, they understand the rhythm it desires and are well attuned to the process of building its growth.

Why should I buy blog posts?

We all go through some blogging challenge every so often. Sometimes all you need is a quick purchase of a quality blog post to put an end to all your hassle. But is it worth it? Become enlightened by the following viewpoints before embarking on your next purchase.

·         Saves you time

By purchasing a pre-written blog post, you spend less time researching, comparing notes, and compiling a lengthy article. Someone else went through the trouble for you. All you have to do is simply add a few customization to the outlook structure and edit the content slightly before publishing it.

Since it is done by professionals, you do not have to waste time rewriting, proofreading, or checking keywords. Alternatively, you can find a content creator to write your blog for you. You only need to give them the desired keywords for the content and your preferred formatting style.

·         Easy to customize relevant blog posts

You do not have to spend time writing different topics to add content on your website. If you are certain of the topics you want to cover, talk to a content creator and agree on a deadline and the scope of the topics.

This might help especially when you lack the relevant personal experience to write about a particular topic. A professional blog article writer performs in-depth research. The content therefore contains concrete facts and relevant subtopics.

·         High quality content

Buying blog articles and blogs from professional bloggers and article writers guarantees you top rated content even on technical subjects.

These professionals take their time to research and structure your content in such a way that it ranks well in search engines. This aspect about your content drives more traffic, generates more leads, and results in more conversions for your business.

·         Content consistency

Buying online blog posts ensures that you keep up with the demands of your blogging schedules. In case you do not have spare time to write blog posts, buying blog posts is a great way to remedy that. The consistency of your blogs shapes the perception of your audience.

Are you are looking for blog writing services? Get in touch with us. Our pool of expert bloggers will ensure your blog posts afford you value for your money along with uncompromised quality standards. Our experts endeavor to produce consistent content attuned to your business needs.